the said silver lining

I totally forgot when her birthday was until yesterday. stupid timehop reminded me due to picture memories. that cut straight through the heart. ouch.
didn’t think that was going to hurt either. it did. it completely shot bullet through and cut like a knife. so it’s today.

today just WAS NOT MY FUCKING DAY. gah. i mean, it had its ups and downs.
– i got the GUESS? job. lol. that i haven’t really told my mom about yet. but i hate my night job that i haven’t really attended to.
– i bought some awesome clothing. that i shouldn’t have bought.
the car my grandfather found is alright and he bought it so i could buy it. lol.

– was reminded whose birthday it was.
– my car officially died.
– i didn’t get myself to go to work – though the UP with that is i went home and got my dad to take off and we’re going to get my new car tomorrow. that’s a plus.
– everything went so slow.
– i’m getting more and more frustrated with the Boy.

^on that note. you ever have this incredible itch of something that just fucking bugs you? maybe it’s an ocd annoyance or it’s just something you wish would happen for yourself or something… and it isn’t. or hasn’t. *sigh* i think one of my favorite things in a relationship is to wake up, and getting that morning text from your other. or when they wake up, at least; just to let you know that they are thinking of you, and to make you smile. that can be the sunshine of the day.
what’s super frustrating… is my “other” is without phone service right now. he’s hotspotting his computer so he has wifi, but other than that, nothing. also, his family is here. they’ve been here since the 27th, and totally understand that your attention is upon them. but it literally takes two seconds to say “hello” and/or “good morning”. that’s it. that’s all i want. this is the fucking phone service he’s been procrastinating on for over a month now. seriously. i’m so done with it. all i get is a “i’m working on it” and “you’re so patient with me”. well…. my patience might have run out.


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