oh dear, oh dear.

well. i somehow gained a boyfriend this week. i’m sort of in shock? that’s not a bad thing, i promise. it happened so fast, so slow, so natural, so UNnatural…. i’m not so sure what i think yet. but here i am, beginning of july, with a boyfriend. something i didn’t think i was going to have [yet] at this time. and this? this tells me i’m doing rather well right now. i’m moving on. i mean, my brother was the one who pointed that one out, as i’m the one who was saying that i wouldn’t get in a relationship for months.

yet, here i am, in said relationship, and slowly but surely getting sucker-punched. shh – don’t tell a damn person. and you know what else? it’s kind of nice to have someone who likes me. we’ll see. it’s been exactly ten days in this relationship…. officially at least, and i mean we’ve literally been seeing each other for over a month. i mean, come on. it had been from the beginning of may since we’ve been “hanging” out. we’ve seen each other since then. i let this kid TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF, something i never thought i was going to do anytime soon.. but then again, there are a lot of things i didn’t think was going to happen. sometimes, you gotta just let it slide, right?

i think i like him. a lot.


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