Patience, padawan. 

Have you ever had that moment where you’re seeing the other person, several times, think.. think.. think…. about kissing you, but doesn’t? The wheels are turning and they’re working up the courage to do so, but last minute, changes their mind? And you’re sending them all the ounces and grams (and stars you wished upon) to get them to finally kiss you back, but alas… no such luck. Then you slowly shake your head at yourself and sigh, as you realized you’ve drained out all your courage out of yourself, and given it to them… so where is yours to break out and charge forward? 

All, for a kiss. A measley first kiss. So great, it becomes, that you imagine it. But is it truly as brilliant, as firework-y as they say, and do you really come off feeling the magic? Hopefully yes, sometimes no, and truthfully we do imagine… but nevertheless, that one first kiss, goes on through our heads and a great one. 

It came today. After much patience and awaiting; and no, I don’t go for it rarely. I have only twice, and my courage thus drained, nor do I want to fuck it up with this gentleman before me. Permissions, permissions doth ring up in line, yet my, does he know how to push,

He asked if he could kiss me; I had to hold myself from tackling… (for goodness, he still thinks me the lady, not the temptress beneath the sheets…) but the little circles on my thighs today did not help in the slightest…….. and for someone who tells me things have only lasted a month each…. I think this one knows what he is doing,

For that first kiss,

Was amazing – fireworks and all. 


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